Applying to SLC – With your transcript

We have your program choice and personal info.

Now let's make sure that we have everything we need to assess your application. Check out our Transcript Information Flowchart.

Educated in Canada

Currently attending high school in Ontario

Let your guidance office know that you have applied to St. Lawrence College, and they will send your transcript to electronically.

  • Be sure to check your online application after final first semester marks, second semester mid-terms, and final marks are issued to ensure the grades they've sent are accurate.
  • Contact your guidance counsellor if there are any errors in your transcripts.

Not currently attending high school in Ontario

You must get your high school transcript sent to Learn how to send your transcripts to

Ontario College or University

When you order your transcript from an Ontario college or university, please have it directed to the College Admissions Office at St. Lawrence College.

Canadian College or University outside Ontario

Transcripts from a Canadian college or university outside Ontario should be mailed to

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents educated outside of Canada

To consider your application, we need to assess all your international school records, including transcripts, diplomas, degrees, etc. to provide us with the Canadian Equivalency.

You need to complete a Transcript Assessment Request Application Form.

There is a CAD$75 fee for this assessment, to be paid by credit card or international money order ONLY, directly to St. Lawrence College.

Please note that you will NOT receive a copy of this assessment; the results are only for St. Lawrence College to use in considering your application.

You can obtain this assessment through these two options:

  1. Provide St. Lawrence College with an assessment report from ICAS – International Credential Assessment Service of Canada.
  • At a minimum, you'll require the Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Report, which provides details of your high school grades and courses.
  • You can use this assessment for your application to different colleges.
  • The fee for this assessment is CAD$130, plus CAD$30 for ICAS to send your official Assessment Report directly to will then send this report to all the Ontario colleges you've applied to.
  • Visit for more information and to order an assessment.


  1. Provide St. Lawrence College with a post-secondary assessment from WES – World Education Services.
  • St. Lawrence College will only accept this assessment if you apply to a one-year graduate certificate or a fast-track entry diploma program.
  • If you apply to a two or three-year diploma program, we strongly encourage you instead pursue an assessment report from ICAS.
  • The fee for this assessment is CAD$200.
  • Visit for more information and to order an assessment.