Ontario Student Assistance Program

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OSAP is a mix of grants and loans for students to supplement the financial resources you have available to aid with the costs of your post-secondary education. Through one OSAP application, you have access to this mix of different financial aid programs, depending on your circumstances.

OSAP is open to Ontario residents who are a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident or protected person. If your home is in another province, contact your Provincial Ministry of Education for information about their student aid programs.

As a government program, OSAP is not intended to meet all your educational and living costs, you are expected to help pay for your studies. What OSAP aims to provide is equality of opportunity for all Ontario students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies.

It is of the utmost importance to keep your contact information updated with OSAP and the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). Failure to keep updated contact information can result in missed information from the National Student Loans Service Centre and OSAP that could lead to problems with your current or past student loans. You can also contact NSLSC by calling 1-888-815-4514.


Step To do Details
Step 1 Apply for OSAP You need to apply as early as possible!
Step 2 Upload/mail required documents

After applying and submitting your application online:

  • Print all required documents when they become available.
  • Sign and date the forms.
  • Upload your signature pages and supporting documents directly to OSAP, or you can mail them to your OSAP office (the address for your OSAP office is on the front of the signature pages).
Step 3 Register and Complete your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA)

You can do this at

If you do not complete all the required steps, you may experience funding delays at the beginning of your academic year. Remember to monitor your status on the OSAP website to ensure your funding is being processed, and check your email for updates from OSAP and your St. Lawrence College Financial Aid Office.

It is important to check your SLC account on within the first 10 days of classes each semester to ensure your tuition is paid in full. In some cases OSAP funding may not cover all your tuition, it remains your responsibility to pay any outstanding fees.

Please ensure you come to school financially prepared, as the earliest your OSAP funding will be deposited into your bank account will be a week after your classes start.

For any tuition/deposit payments, or questions about payments, please review the information on our website.


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FAQ - Resources

Browse the OSAP home page, or see our list below for other direct links

  • Can I get a more detailed estimate of how much OSAP I may be entitled to?

Due to the federal government’s recent announcement to increase grant funding for the 2020-2021 academic year, the estimator feature will be inactive on the OSAP website until the end of July.

Hardship BURSARY Application

St. Lawrence College is able to offer assistance in the form of non-repayable financial need bursaries. This bursary intends to assist students who are experiencing financial hardships during their school year. Persons currently registered as students in post-secondary studies at SLC may apply for bursary assistance.

The Hardship Bursary application is awarded on a "needs" basis, and additional extenuating circumstances will be reviewed individually.

The Hardship Bursary application is to be completed online. Your completed application will be reviewed within 48 business hours, and Financial Aid will notify you by email to your SLC account of the decision.

Contact Us

Please email your respective campus to set-up an advisement appointment. You will need to bring a valid government photo ID and SIN card, or proof of SIN whenever you meet with your Financial Aid Advisor.

Financial Aid/OSAP Office
100 Portsmouth Ave.
Kingston ON K7L 5A6
613.544.5400, ext. 5503

Financial Aid/OSAP Office
2288 Parkedale Ave.
Brockville ON K6V 5X3
613.345.0660, ext. 3230

Financial Aid/OSAP Office
2 St. Lawrence Drive
Cornwall ON K6H 4Z1
613.933.6080, ext. 2722