Student Governments

The interests of students at St. Lawrence College are well represented at each of our campuses. Learn more about the activities and benefits of student government at:

Kingston Student Association
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The Student Association takes its mission to represent, protect, and promote the rights and interests of our student body while improving student life, both on and off-campus very seriously. The SA strives to provide opportunities to help students grow socially and academically while at SLC. 

We unite the student body through our programs and services and are responsible for the representation of our students to the St. Lawrence College and Kingston Communities. In addition, we strive to safeguard our students’ well-being above all else. 

Brockville Student Administrative Council
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The purpose of the Student Administrative Council, or SAC, is to provide a service of representation for the College student. The vision of SAC is to professionally and responsibly represent the interests of the students in the college and the larger community. We strive to enhance the students' overall educational experience by providing and promoting programming that is responsive to the developmental needs of the student including social, cultural, physical, recreational, intellectual, and governance areas.

We will do our best to assist you in whatever capacity that we can.

Our door is always open for students!

Cornwall Student Union
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The Cornwall Student Union exists to represent students professionally and responsibly, and to provide and promote quality services that encourage physical, social, recreational and educational growth of the campus community while enhancing their academic studies and college experience.