Costs for International Students

When preparing to study at SLC, it is important to consider all costs.

Use the information prepared below to help you prepare a monthly/yearly budget.

When reviewing the cost of studying at SLC and Canada, here are some tips to help you:

  • Make a budget- monthly and annually
  • Be realistic about your finances
  • Expect the unexpected- there are always extra unexpected costs involved when moving abroad. Trust us, we have lived abroad!
  • Do not depend on potential income from a job in Canada. Securing a job in Canada can take months, and minimum wage cannot pay your entire way through school.
  • Talk with your family- get an accurate idea if they can help you financially.

Make sure when reviewing costs, always use the current conversion rates for your countries currency into Canadian Dollars (CAD$) to get an accurate idea of costs.

You can use a currency converter from the Bank of Canada to get an accurate idea of the exchange rate.

Costs for International Students

Tuition Fees at St.Lawrence college vary depending on the type of program, and campus. The fees set by SLC, are made up of Tuition Fees & Ancillary/Compulsory fees. 

Tuition: The cost of the program, per year

Ancillary/Compulsory Fees, per year:

Tuition + Ancillary Fees = Full 1 Year Fees

Many programs will have extra costs involved. The materials included below are mandatory and could include:

  • Books
  • Software/Laptops
  • Tools/Kits
  • Clothing-  Uniforms (Culinary/Hospitality)
  • Safety Equipment- Workboots, hard-hats, safety goggles
  • Immunizations- Required for programs in health care/social services settings.

School fees are set by the Ministry in Canada, and cannot be changed for individuals by St.Lawrence College. When planning your Canada budget, please consider the costs below.

*Application fee will be waived for applicants residing in Ukraine until further notice.

Average Program Costs

Average tuition costs (one academic year)

  • K: Kingston
  • B: Brockville
  • C: Cornwall
Programs Tuition Costs
Bachelor of Business Administration $21,722 (K)
Certificates & Diplomas $16,672 (K), $16,130 (B&C)
English as a Second Language (ESL) - Level 1 & Level 2 $6,057 (K)
English as a Second Language (ESL) - Level 3 & Level 4 $6,830 (K)
Post-Graduate & Fast-Track Programs $16,672 (K), $16, 130 (C)

* International student fees

How to Pay

There are many options to pay your tuition fees: you can do it online via Flywire or via a bank transfer.  Read more about different payment methods available to international students here.

Living & Accommodations Costs

The costs below are based on approximate fees and are to be used as a guide while preparing your budget.

Category Costs
Accommodation $500-$900 monthly​
Grocery/Hygiene $250 monthly​
Phone/Internet $150​ monthly
Entertainment  $200​ monthly
Total  $1,100​ to $1,500 Monthly

School Materials

Items Costs
Books $400 - $800 start-up cost
Additional tools/software $200 - $800
Supplies $40 - $80
Total $400 - $1200 yearly