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Earn St. Lawrence College credits while you're in high school

Dual Credit Application Process

Apply in 3 easy steps

Step One

Review, with the help of your high school, the Dual Credit courses that are available.

The first and most important step is to meet with your high school Guidance Counsellor, Co-op Teacher, or other assigned high school Dual Credit Lead, to see if you are the right fit for this program and to discuss your pathway(s) of interest. Dual credit course offerings here:


If you are interested in OYAP opportunities you can find a listing of those program streams here:


Step Two

Sign the consent form.

To participate in the Dual Credit Program, you must complete an online consent form and return a printed copy of it to your High School Guidance or Co-op Office.


Step Three

Have someone at your high school submit the Dual Credit application on your behalf.

You have determined your pathway, identified your preferred course choices and brought back your consent form! Good for you!

At this point, a Guidance Counsellor or Co-op Teacher can apply to the Dual Credit Program on your behalf.

Fall APPLICATION                Winter Application

Note: This site is password protected.  High School Dual Credit Leads can email to request a portal password.

Dual Credit & OYAP Application Form - Sample Only

If at any point, you find yourself struggling in your Dual Credit course, you should discuss the situation with your Support Teacher, your Guidance Counsellor, and/or your Co-op Teacher.  

If a withdrawal is warranted, one can be submitted on your behalf through our website.

Withdraw Request Form

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For more information, contact your High School Guidance or Co-Op Office.

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