Orientation for Dual Credit Students

Congratulations on being accepted into the St. Lawrence College Dual Credit program. This is an amazing opportunity for you and we know you are ready to connect to your future pathway!

Orientation for Dual Credit students is mandatory. At orientation, you will receive your official timetable, meet your Dual Credit Teacher, receive your course materials, find your classroom, go on a campus tour, receive your transportation and practice your logins for class. You are welcome to bring a guest with you as you prepare for your Dual Credit experience.

Acceptance letters are sent via email. Please ensure that you put the correct email address on your application form. You can get an application form from the Guidance office at your high school.

We look forward to welcoming you to campus!

Dual Credit Definitions

  • Congregated (on St. Lawrence College campus with other high school students)
  • Integrated (on St. Lawrence College campus with other college students)
  • SWAC (school within a college)
  • Team-taught (students remain in their high school course and a St. Lawrence College instructor travels to their school 2-3 times a week).

Fall 2021 Orientation

Fall 2021 Orientation

Please contact Jennifer Halligan to register for orientation.

Please Note: If you miss or cannot attend orientation, please contact the Dual Credit Teacher from your board and the Dual Credit Facilitator at your campus.

Kingston Campus

Brockville Campus

Cornwall Campus

Jennifer Halligan
Room 11850
Phone: 613.544.5400
ext. 1196

Jo Hickey
Room 111B
Phone: 613.345.0660
ext. 3303

Laurie Marquette-Brown
Room M1300
Phone: 613.933.6080
ext. 2177

If you missed orientation, here are some helpful resources:

Orientation Power points:
- Dual Credit: slideshow
- OYAP (Apprenticeship): slideshow

Before you begin your St. Lawrence College course, please contact if you need to know:

  • Who your Dual Credit Teacher is
  • Your St. Lawrence College student number
  • Your Blackboard and log-in information
  • The time, date, and location of your course (visit your Dual Credit Office if you need help finding your classroom)
  • Details and information about transportation (how you will be getting to and from your course at St. Lawrence College)
  • If you need course materials (e.g. textbook, course pack, esthetics kit, uniform, OYAP materials, etc.)
  • How to get your St. Lawrence College Card/Student ID (you must bring a Government-issued photo ID and prepare to have your picture taken)
  • How to use your IEP: To use your accommodations while you are a Dual Credit student at the college, please speak to your Dual Credit Teacher about receiving a letter from Student Welness and Accessibility services. For more information from Student Wellness and Accessibility please e-mail, call or drop by to make an appointment:
  1. Kingston Campus: 613.544.5400, extension 1593, Room 01230
  2. Brockville Campus: 613.345.0660, extension 3154, Room 100
  3. Cornwall Campus: 613.933.6080, extension 2227, Room M1461
  • Please log onto your and Blackboard user accounts before your first class:
    SLC User Account
    - Your username is a randomly generated 5 character username sent to you via e-mail by St. Lawrence College, or please e-mail the Dual Credit Facilitator from your campus.
    SLC E-mail Address - 
    Password - The first time you sign on as a new student your password will be 0 + your student number. For example: If your student number is 1234567 your initial password will be 01234567. When you sign on, the system will force you to change your password to something you create. The parameters for your new password are as follows; your new password must be 8 characters or more. It can contain letters and/or numbers and is case sensitive. Please do not use any fancy characters ie. ‘!’ or ‘&’.
  • Blackboard Tutorial and help logging in:

Please fill out the following form if you require a parking pass:


  • There are no physical parking passes - your licence plate is registered in our system
  • It takes several days to register your licence plate. Filling out the survey well before the first day of your course will ensure you will not get a parking ticket.


"I have proven to myself that I can do the work given to me at the college level, it has given me confidence."
Addictions student
"Participating in the Dual Credit program has helped me as now I have a better view of what kind of career I want in my future and know what steps to take and what things will help me."
College and Career Success student