Student Engagement Platform

UR SLC is our Student Engagement Platform that keeps students connected with everything that is happening outside the classroom. 

How to Access UR SLC:

  1. From any device or on the web at
  2. Download the Campus Groups app, search for St. Lawrence College and sign in
    1. Google Play
    2. App Store

Here are a few key features 

  • SLC Community Feed! Come say hello, ask questions, make friends, and more!
  • Join a group or club, talk to members of the club or ask about making your own club!
  • Register for any events that interest you! Receive automatic reminders, get points for attending, and have the ability to add to your personal calendar so you don't forget! 
  • Chats to connect with classmates, make your own group chats, and more! 
  • Request a Student ID card
  • Complete checklists & earn Badges for LinkedIn
  • And much more!

First login

Login with your username & password and complete the onboarding; Uploading a profile pic, choosing your pronouns, setting your privacy settings and more.

Stay tuned for exciting things as we continue to enhance Student Engagement in our SLC Communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

All students must log into UR SLC by their single sign on – there is no option to create a guest account or use a personal email

Anyone who has the old UR SLC app (last years app by Involvio) still on their device MUST delete the old UR SLC app.  The new UR SLC will not work correctly on your device until the old app is deleted.

The student information is from your student account.  If you update anything through, your UR SLC account should update within 24-48 hours

This is due to your student account having a hold flag.  This could be a Visa issue, late payment issue, etc.  Once the hold is removed your UR SLC account will be activated in 24-48 hours.

In UR SLC click ‘'Notification Settings’ under ‘My Settings’ on the left hand menu.  You can choose which emails and notifications you receive.